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Amidst the voices that are raised from many facets of the society, too often they remain unheard and unattended. These common voices when drown in the sea of deafness leave one frustrated. Despite they being legitimate and pertinent to the all round development of the society, unavailability of platform to raise the voices and the unresponsive ears overlook such issues. In our present context, the volume of such questions or issues are overwhelming. However, concerned seem to undermine their relevance and weight. The issues range from political, socio-economical, technological by and large to personal developments.

We being bona fide citizens of our country and more importantly educated youths, the nation has bequeathed us a rather imperative task on us to create a platform and promote it to incorporate the subdued voices and lead them in finding the correct answers and fighting the ills of the nation. We feel it is the realization of rights and duties by every citizen that triggers the sustainable development of a nation. In a nation where illiteracy and poverty reign, where people are aloof of their rights and duties as citizens, where people are engrossed in basics of life, corruption and ill governance can never be curbed. So, it is the responsibility of the educated citizens to spread the knowledge of one’s rights and duties to the ignorant while fighting the ills of the country.

We, here at Hamro Awaaz have initiated this platform as a stepping stone towards achieving our goals set above. As outlined above, Hamro Awaaz shall adhere to the primary objective of enabling people to voice common concerns, while incorporating articles to encourage personal developments of the readers and writers herein.

The legitimacy of our effort shall be solely established by your endorsement of the presentation, critiques and comments. We are very much expectant that you shall join hands with us in fueling the development of our nation by way of comments, critiques and articles relating to happenings around you which will ultimately encourage the unheard voices to share their issues.

We are very much grateful for your visit and hope the tour of this site shall be of interest to you.

Thank you

Hamro Awaaz Family

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