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Nan Tien Temple & Christmas Day








Year 2011 has almost done its full circle for the year and here we stand once again to farewell this year and welcome the another one with our new resolution; So hereby I would like to personally wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

This Christmas I decided to go to Nan Tien Temple at Berkeley, NSW, Australia with my family hoping it would be quiet but on arrival; it was otherwise; it was mayhem when I got there.

All these people from all creeds and color were there. Questions, questions… ringing  in my head. What is the sole purpose of me and these people to be here on this day of the year? Am I and the rest here because we do not celebrate the Christmas in a tradition Christen ways or is it simply because everyone of us had nowhere else to go; hence we all landed in the abode of Buddha for refuge.

Whatever the reason be I was later troubled by some more questions on the behaviour of the staff.

I have never experienced and thought that someone in the line of serving Buddha could be such impatience and short temper. Two spontaneous incident happened which left be puzzled before I could realize what just happened.

They had built up a wishing tree inside the temple and a card that we could buy was no bigger than a match box in size and costs 5 dollars. My wife wanted to buy a card and hang it on a tree. I presented the lady with 10 dollar note and she asked for a change with her colleague but her colleague was totally mad with this behaviour. She wasn’t keen on giving change. She was insisting her to ask me for exact change but she wasn’t quite comfortable on this so she looked back her again. I had to tell her that was the smallest change I have. And unwilling did she give me my change. This small incident has stirred the whole situation into another realm which I became aware when I told my wife they had wishing card with candle too. The other gentleman then questioned me what was I saying. My response was I was talking to my wife about your merchandise. Then I smiled and he just said “It’s not funny” in a very harsh voice.

If someone being in the presence of Buddha ever day behaves in such a manner then rest of the world population can’t be criticized for their arrogance in this age of “Kali”.

I hope these people visit and see the Swayambhu and Lumbini to experience what Buddha means and probably they will find peace, happiness and religion too.

God Bless

Anup KC

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