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CUCKOO’S NEST – पागल बस्ती


          "आँसु पुछेर आँसु रित्तिँदैन, दु:ख जानेर दु:ख सिद्धिँदैन।"

                            -     सरूभक्त (पागल बस्ती)






Fiction was never my cup of tea. But there are still few books that I cannot forget and stop praising it for its beauty. The Firm by John Grisham, Shogun by James Clavell, Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon are the few of them which have immense impact on my reading; fiction.

On my last visit to Nepal, I saw a book on the street and its titled पागल बस्ती. The name itself was appealing. I couldn’t resist myself from momentarily halting my walk and have a sneak peak on the book. I dropped it back after a few minutes of flicking over and walked away with a heavy heart without being able to decide if I should buy it or not; as I was unsure. Will I be able to finish it ?? or will  my anger just take over my reading for not being able to comprehend.

But the battle continued in my head. I wondered what made him choose such a title, and what could be the content of it. I have heard the rumours that this book reflects his life but he has denied this comment in media and his book. It took him six years to complete this book. 6 years; long time for a book but it was worth every year I would say; after I finished reading it.

I could not hold myself from contemplating on content of the book. This battle in my head kept on going till the day of my departure. Then finally; before I left for the airport, I had to rush myself at the book store.

I was content with my purchase and couldn’t wait to land and get home and read the book. I did. Few pages and closed it. Few pages again and closed it. I had to read first few pages couple more time just to get the grip. Then I was on the smooth ride without any complication with few hiccups here and there but I was ok with that.

It’s a tragic story but has the potential of being a modern day equivalent of Romeo and Juliet in Nepali society/literature. It’s fascinating, depressing, humorous and contemporary, all, at the same time. It’s one’s battle for tradition, principles, way of life, morality and at the same time someone is rebellion on these grounds. It’s a constant battle; done in psychological and philosophical level. But it’s a supreme delight to read as well.

Love doesn’t hate and doesn’t stop loving on its rejection. It could be used as a force to give a new meaning to live/life or it could just crumble the individual. The variation it creates in human life before and after the understanding of one-truth is spectacular. This theme comprehends the whole soul of this book.

Anup KC


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  1. Do you know about saru bhakta’s life story? do u know why his title is saru bhakta ? first know it, i think with out any emotion inside, u can not produce a great literature. i also need to read some books like pagal basti, siris ko phool to name a few 🙂

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