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On Education and Society – Nepal

On Society and Education

The society is full-on with eastern philosophy which comprises of religion and the way of life and on the other side we have education following the western principles and philosophy. These are two sides of magnet and repels on its proximity. Both ends serves well if it’s left on its own but when brought together it just repels and pushes each other. When society demands individual to act on its norm but the education bends the otherwise. Thus a conflict.

That conflict could be simple or life changing. One could simply accept it, neutralize it or simply forget it. Or we can try to think on it and try to resolve its issues on society. We all (individual/nation) have our own history and that history has shaped us what we are today and now we are going to build tomorrow on our present. Hence our awareness of our doings should be enough for one to reason if our today’s action brings our tomorrow which we dream of or at least we hope it to be.

For good or bad, it’s our education that’s playing part in our every action with the influence of the society which is completely incompatible to forge alliance and work for common purpose. One teaches you to obey and follows the steps of instruction that is handed to you other just questions you to demand for his reason and put your views forward. Hence resolving the issues in diplomatic norms but the society was not built on diplomatic principles. Society always holds the values of family and religion.

Religion; a dharma, which is a way of life to us is also known as karma but for the west it’s just another hindrance in their advancement. They built their societies in the foundation of reason and principles whereas we, on our morals and what is and is not allowed by our dharma. Both of them are unquestionable on their own but when mixed it’s like a drug. Some will find his way to betterment some will just get lost.

When society instructs him to do certain things he always stands in the cross-road of society norms and principles of his own that is acquired through his education. Hence confusion; this confusion could be used in good if one is able to understand and reason the things he’s been asked to do and his views on the task. A common and distinct example for this would be a leadership.

A leader of a party is always viewed as a servant of the public which it serves but it has become the medium to show one’s status in the society; which is built on complex hierarchy of cast and creed. The European and English society was too built on this but America chose the otherwise. Your birth or the family didn’t carved your status instead ones actions earned the reputation and gained the status in the society. They reasoned, they fought, for the betterment of the society not just of the individual.

Now we again stand on the cross-road of confusion if these two can mingle and make Nepal a better place or will it just crush everyone till none remains. The oral form of education and passing the experience through word of mouth to generation after generation in the past has created a lot of rumours on every issue. The need of documentation and importance of having written down and printed for the general public to know is still not a popular choice. Everyone is speculating on every issue. This is dangerous for both; present and future.

I hereby would like express my views on education system in Nepal be developed in following ways:

No one should be deprived from gaining a quality education. It needs to be regulated and monitored in school level as well as state/government level every two years or so to measure its effectiveness. There is no point of providing education to kids if it can bring no change.

Every citizen should be able to gain education without any financial burden. Making it free doesn’t mean it has no value but it should be regulated and student progress needs to be monitored and proper action taken for the achievement.

The public and private schools brings a two distinct class of citizens due to education they received and the difference between them needs to be minimized to balance the outcome.

The education in primary school should not just be focused on reading text books but help them to grow; which means let them choose, make decision not just tell them what to do. They should be provided with glimpse on history and the culture of Nepal and what it means being a Nepali.

Education should not just focus on text-books it should teach how to be a responsible citizen. They should be able to respect the Nepali society and its value but also not hindered on their steps of development. It should not be, just read and forgotten; it needs to be applied.

Education should not constrain itself to being academic; it should have a flavour of literature. Society needs to attach itself to these creation and creator through those characters within that realm; which will further develop the understanding of the society of that era.

Muna and Madan should not just live in the book; it should be in the heart of Nepalese. Basanti should not just be generalized as a character, Dibya Upadesh should not just remain with its title and the writer instead general public needs to be aware of its content and see if it would be of any use today. Like Romeo and Juliet, Aladdin, Snow-white we need to know our fictional characters too.

Every citizen by the time they leave the school should be fully aware of their culture, nations past, present and be able to judge there future with the steps they take and if that is how one perceives the Nepal to be. He should come out as a responsible citizen with enthusiasm to do something for himself and the society.

Education should be able to provide patriotism and acceptance of the individual that, the education he acquires should not just be used for his benefit but should be used to betterment of the society in small scale and country in large scale; even world in humanitarian terms if could be.

It’s an uphill battle for us but we should not lose hope; for to compete with the world and be number one we got to take the bumpy ride on our way to top. As is said nothing good comes easy and every good things takes time. American says anything is achievable if you try hard enough with pure dedication but we contradict ourselves here with “karma garnu faal ko aash na gar nu”. As this been said by Krishna in Gita to Arjuna: “You can choose your action but the result………….. is not in your hands. It’s up to someone else. Hence as a human our periphery is up to the option we choose.”

God Bless
Hope we will see the sunshine
Anup KC

2 thoughts on “On Education and Society – Nepal

  1. After a long time you wrote a good article anup. I hope the education system is chaning in nepal, just we need to get rid of politics in education system. still so called f…ing parties wanted to divide the VC of universities also according to their choice, government school’s are already attacked by them and we still see the college dirty politics.

  2. @Sangesh:: This politicization on everything must be removed. Politics and Institution and Administration needs to be seperated. The sooner we see this is better for us and the nation.

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