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Politics and Politicians in Nepal – a Brief Introduction

The Mao’s of Nepal has not only destabilized the politics but also the social norms of the society. It has crippled the society from functioning. People are facing anxiety, fear and depression on everyday basis which is an irony of this country. Peace was once the prominent voice now it’s just the war torn country. They did get what they wanted as other political parties did; the PM seat but what has the public received. Absolutely nothing, complete zero and we are still numb. WHY? The only reason is public forgets things too soon and revive on the same lie of getting done something for them. This is the only reason for political parties of being able to retain themselves in the scene even after a complete failure of them being in politics for more than 50 years.

Since 1950, the rise of Democracy after 30 years of its initial death all we have witnessed is the battle of the politicians for PM and starts the conspiracy once again as soon as someone gets the office. Not a single party has demonstrated to act on the interest of the nation and its people. Always busy with their own personal egos and priority. If only those egos were any good for the nation’s betterment would we have seen the ray of hope? But its existence is none; it’s a complete disaster.

The leader head of the major political parties were raised and fed in the foreign soil; which is not so far from the mother land but has lacked all the essential ingredients for being a better human. It’s a land of unethical; hence we suffer. BP in his jail journal (जेल जर्नल) mentioned it’s a place where the culture is at its fault (हिन्दूस्तानको स्कृतिनै बडो दोषपूर्ण छ) [one of my favorite]. Koirala brothers fought with each other for the office and Krishna Prasad Bhattari once said “Never to trust Koirala family as they would do anything for the office and power” (कोइराला परिवारलाई विश्वास गर्नु हुँदैन, उनीहरु सत्ता र शक्तिका लागी जे पनि गर्छन्). And the communist never knew what communism was all about. Hence it was no different battle for them but to pave the way to the office. They just fought with each other as old grumpy men without any agenda to come forward with. Everyone was looking for the opportunity just to harm the other and nation more than its predecessor did.

Media, crown and political parties never played enough to pave any positive path for the nation to lead. They were just busy finding the others fault without being able to look on their own character. They lacked the ability to understand that the invisible concrete wall that was built between them was so high was never knocked down with proper communication. The crown was vague, the politicians were in disarray and media was the monkey. The public being the rat in the laboratory and there were constantly tested. Crown did a lot to maintain and prosperous the democracy through educating the leaders but it was all in vain. Politicians were never able to differentiate between them chanting slogans on the street and actually taking the office responsibly and acting accordingly.

Media is to be blamed for most of it as it lacked the professionalism and discipline. It had no clue what power and effect it possessed except for the understanding pen is mightier than sword. Hence they kept writing without thinking the consequences of theirs actions. But there were few with exceptional talent on their job but the 99% of them behaving in idiotic way which just made the public more dumb. Media never knew when to shut up and when it’s required to speak. It just went on its own accord. Every single organization was running on its own. There was no communication and co-ordination between anyone of them.

The ministers in the office were busy to politicalize the whole department in nation. They were blindfolded to see the negative impact of their actions. They were hiring and overstaffing by filling the offices with their carades (पार्टि कार्यकर्ता) without any qualification and qualities in them to perform. Hence the nation failed and still they deny accepting their incompetency. We need to seriously design a course at Staff College for our politician to take and sit for exams before they were assigned an office to commemorate.

Politicians never understood the formal way of doing things as it was कालो अक्ष्यर भैसी बराबर. Once they were given the offices they never thought of the paper work and the way they needs to be. There was no behavioral change nor in any mental state. They went in as a stubborn child and came out the same and struggled again to get in. When methods and protocols were shown they just went numb and acted solely on dictating their own whim. They fought for the equality, they fought because they said panchayat regime was authoritarian but in the end they turned themselves into being a dictator which they never saw.

Anup KC

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