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Finger Crossed – Slap did the magic

After the successful completion of 17th round of election, Nepal finally gets her Prime Minister, Jhal Nath Khanal who is a fourth communist leader to held the position. Was it to be such; only losers are the real winners after all. First; Madhav Nepal who lost the election but ended being a care taker Prime Minister of Nepal when Maoist chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal, resigned on 4th of May,following a dispute with Nepal’s president.

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) won general elections in 2008 but did not obtain a majority in parliament. They established themselves as the largest party of Nepal which was Nepali Congress till then. They won the election with 220 seats out of 575. Nepal Congress with 110 seats became the second largest party and Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) with 103 seats became third largest party. The Constitutional Assembly will have 2 years’ time to build a new constitution to replace the interim one.

The general election for Constitute Assembly was held on Nepal on 10 April 2008. It will draft a new constitution and foremost important decision that it has to take was republic or constitutional monarchy. Executive power is exercised by the Prime Minister and his cabinet, while legislative power is vested in the Constituent Assembly.

Dahal resigned after President Ram Baran Yadav rejected his sacking of the country’s army chief, who had resisted efforts to integrate former Maoist fighters into the military.

Prachanda quit and Madhav Nepal moved into office. Soon the agenda of development disappeared from agenda and started a fierce battle for the position but no vision for future. The Position of PM remains vacant when Madhav Kumar Nepal reigned on 30 June 2010.

Now we will have Jhal Nath Khanal; our 34 Prime Minister of Nepal; be sworn in on Sunday. Lets hope this time they will be able to focus on their destined jobs. I think we should not forget Devi Prasad Regmi’s blessing for Jhal Nath Khanal.

Pashupati Nath lay hami sabai ko raachya garun.
Anup KC

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