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Bandh and Politics

Bandh and Political party have been synonymous or else it wouldn’t appear so often as the days in a week that rolls on every day of the month. The so called Student Union or the young generation faction of any party just doesn’t seem to understand or whatever the reason might be but it all seems blind man leading. As the name suggests it is a student union so must belong to some institution and hopefully they will be taught and in the mean time they do learn something that should make them wary of the things that’s happening around them or are they just the bunch stupid nerd admitted in the universities just to create the chaos in the country with there protest, band, hooliganism, and merely following the orders of the party leader like the army without any consideration.

Being the student and young they are supposed to be the energy to build something, do something but all we see is just the opposite. Regardless of what qualifications you have everyone is doing the same: beating the weak, breaking someone’s property in the name of protest. But how will this change a thing. Does this affect the government or the person you are protesting for or against? It just harms and hurts the next person who is another Nepali like you, a brother in a wider sense. He might have his own problems and situation that he is fighting for just to meet the ends. But who cares. The party says or the leader of the student union is unhappy about something; now guess what; band, without any prior notice what do you expect someone to do at that moment, they can’t just simply disappear on your mood for Bandh and then be visible back aging when the situation changes.

Here I would like to address the whole young generation in universities and colleges that are linked with the union do you ever question your leader and does your leader ask the explanation to the party. I believe its negative and you all are right who does care as long as the destruction goes on without harming you; let go the unknown. But if we are to look at this scenario; how right are we to do this; why not take a proper action; writing a complaint letter and making sure issues has been addressed and wait for the response after that do the protest but make sure it hampers the government but not the public or the nation.

The country should run without any interference of the protest which will then be supported by whole nation with full strength. If the things doesn’t run this way then make it happen you are the youth, you are the leader don’t tell me you can’t and give me the alternative to destruction. You are there so we could have some kind of peace and justice not the violence. Make politics the effective way to govern rather than the excuses for everything and choose the path of band.

Why don’t we try the new approach on this? How about we take the few facilities that we grand our leaders; just for the counter check if they are there to enjoy the power or really do the creative work. But again to get the job done; we need to train our leaders first; as they are only used to vandalism and riot is the only common friend they have. So probably the best way to do is to take an aptitude test, behavioral test, administrative knowledge test, attitude test and the background test. If these things are not clear then they can’t compete and be involved as a leader in any political parties. This will bring the clean and fresh generation with a can do attitude which is what we need at the moment.

This recent incident of Pokhara Bandh and the vandalism of the Janapriya Multiple Campus demanding resignation of campus chief is a shameful act of the educated fools. There should be a proper channel to go through for all this process not just the vandalism on every single occasions and then strike with Bandh making everyone cripple in the society just because you didn’t find the right way to do it or any reason. The society suffered every time they made their irrational decisions without consideration for anyone. Anyway who gives them right to vandalism; does our constitution say it’s legal to do so if you are unhappy about something. Then why do they never get charged with vandalism and make them pay for the damage and send them off with warning that they could be jailed if they were caught next time. I think this action will stop all this mess. If only one is caught and made him pay for what he destroyed I don’t’ believe there will be anyone who would love to do it again just to pay the damage later on. At least they will think once before they act; if they could afford it. It’s a national property not an individual. They break it we suffer we have no desk in the classroom no facilities in the laboratory or the documents lost it’s an unthinkable damages for which charges must be laid.

Why destroy anyone’s vehicle if you are unhappy with PM go and destroy his car, make him take the public transport and let him learn what you are going through. Make him uneasy, not me; I am also the victim of the same bureaucracy as you are. By your act it’s just I am suffering more.

All these unnecessary and unwanted behaviors have consumed our student union and party leaders so bad that this is going to take a while to make everyone aware but the time is all we don’t have to play the waiting game. Hence if these acts are made illegal; hope it already is; make them repay for all the damage or else keep them in jail and use the labor until that amount is met which might exceed the life time expectancy of the person but what needs to be done needs to be done for the shake of the change. Just make sure your dissatisfaction is heard and conducted in proper way.

Administrator’s note: This is a guest post from Mr. Anup KC who is currently in Sydney, Australia.

7 thoughts on “Bandh and Politics

  1. To all the students leaders

    COllege Universities and school are back bone of nation, They produce the eligible nationals to build the nation.
    Protest and poitical mainstream studetn union should be band from these palces.
    It is not a palce to do politics.
    NOw even governmetn school have been effected by such acts, now u wee political party flags on school organiging commette election which is really bad to hear.

    Nepal will never progress in this manner,

  2. I can relate to the sentiments expressed by the writer. This particular culture in youth politics is totally unacceptable.But I strongly believe the whole political movement of the nation relies heavily on the proactive youth segment of the population. We cannot condone political influence in educational institution because it is essential that these youth understand the whole working mechanism of various political belief system and it’s positive aspects.
    The problem is the people up top leading these various school of thoughts i.e politicians are totally worthless piece of shit and have ended up totally manipulating the youth fraction that represent their political parties. They have failed to pass on the moral and ethical aspects of a democratic movement.
    The political parties should be held accountable for what happens in the street, there should be actions taken against the head honcho’s who lead these political parties and then may be this destructive culture will end.

  3. Yeah i agree with you people. politics in government universities and colleges should be banned. Nepal should never be bandh. We need rule and order in our country. Whatever is happening is just anarchy.

  4. Talk about bandhs Nepal, the minister of nepal, Karima Begam telling the public that she can close down the market if she wanted and that the Chief District Officer (CDO) of Parsa, Durga Prasad Bhandari, being assulted by the minister.

    This is Nepal, no law and order situation. People like Karima Begam plays with the law and order of Nepal as if there were no such thing in the country. How can we progress in this way?

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