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An eye with emotion (Male mind wrapped by emo)

Eye is that portion of body without saying anything it says a lot. It unknowingly demonstrates the feelings of someone hiding in one’s heart. While doing sex, everyone has the experience of closing of eye. Closed eye means indication of getting emotion through the relation. Hence, the above give a glance that eye is a scenario to find out the inner of someone.

His eyes used to be silent and attractive, attractive in the sense of having tendency to make curious about he. He, 20-year-old, became emotionally blinded and got fall in love with 40-year-old woman having her two daughters too. Now-a-days, after this event, I in my imagination only seeing waves and tides of emotions in his silent and peaceful eyes.

What made him to take that decision ? He, a student, dependent on family, took such a decision which is totally wrong for a guy like him. To marry at that young age is itself wrong, here he not only did marry but to a woman having her own family and highly aged. In the response of “why” , he just do answer…..”It’s the love my friend , just love”.

But in my opinion, it’s the emotion that bound him to walk in that way where he will found no any way. Emotion wrapped his eyes and in blindness he choose such a wrong and unsuitable decision.

A simple analysis of my own shows that whenever a lady do suicide, it’s EVENT that made her to do that while in man case, it’s the EMOTION that excites him to take such action.

The writer’s own analysis (he may be wrong too)  forced him to write that emotion doesn’t have power to easily disrupt male mind but if it got a chance, then it disrupts more than any female mind. Female by crying and doing whatever (which suits them) controls the emotions but in male case, it overlaps all surrounding and make a dark environment to him, consequently, in blindness he use to choose a wrong path like my actor (real) took in above.


Each one has feeling and emotion.  Emotion regarding male, I found more dangerous than female. Male are too poor to handle it if it got a chance to capture one’s mind in comparision to female because god has given a special power to play with emotion in nice manner to lady while in male , I think they are not so luckly.

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  1. Well, where does one begin to analyze the scope behind this ? It is quite a complex matter. However , in my opinion : I believe , that an age difference between 2 people can play a pivotal role. Many people may claim that age [ difference ] is not important within a relationship – but if analyzed in logical terms it is a very important factor . For example : at 20 yrs old , one is just beginning their life – whereas : at 40+ one is nearing the mid road of their life and they have basically ‘ lived’ their life , finished their studies , married, had children ( and maybe even grandchildren ) . When an ‘ older’ man , or woman , becomes involved with a person who is 20 yrs younger than them , I believe what they are basically committing is a type of ” Murder ” – for in essence : an older person is ” Robbing ” a younger person of their life & their future . It is wrong – and it should be wrong within a persons ” conscience ” and their ‘ ethical fiber ‘ . Unfortunately , the greater percentage of human beings ‘ Think w/ their Hearts ” and not with their LOGIC . If people used their ‘ Logic ‘ and not their ‘ Emotions ‘ – they would not suffer as they do in their daily lives . One may ask : is it possible to ” Love ” w/ ones mind instead of their ‘ Heart ‘ ? Yes – it is , if one is a logical individual and does not give into their emotions – which are ALWAYS ” false ” & misleading . In order to do this however , one must posses a Philosophy towards life & not be prone to ” Romanticism ” .
    A poet had once said : ” The heart is a lonely hunter ” and others have said ” Love is blind “. I believe in the power of the mind , and in the end , this is what always ‘ saves us ‘ from folly .

    M. ?

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