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Saptakoshi flood affected peopleThe recent Sapatakoshi river flood has caused catastrophic damage to lives, livelihoods and infrastructure to an already fragile part of Nepal. According to Red-cross (Nepal), around 54,000 people in the Kusaha, Haripur, Shreepur, Loukahi, and Bhokraha Village Development Committees (VDC) of Sunsari district are displaced.

The initial Damage and Emergency Need Assessment carried out by Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) has shown that more than 54,000 people living in the eastern belt of the Saptakoshi River have been displaced so far as the river changed its course through densely populated human settlements on 18 August 2008. According to the assessment, 8 Village Development Committees (VDC) are badly affected, and some others are still at risk of flooding.

Displaced persons are currently being accommodated in schools and campuses Saptakoshi flood affected peoplewith relatives or in other open buildings. A significant number of affected people are unwilling to leave their houses and belongings and are thus staying in the affected area where security forces continuing to rescue people. Currently, 26 temporary shelter camps have been established in schools in Inaruwa. More than 17,000 displaced have been supported with the most necessary relief goods. As there is need to support the displaced people outside the camps, the NRCS regional warehouses located at Biratnagar and Birgunj have also dispatched tarpaulins to support emergency shelters for the affected population staying in the both eastern and western sides of the Saptakoshi River.

Saptakoshi flood affected childrenThousands of displaced people are taking shelter in the camps setup in the area. However, official fear that an epidemic might break in these camps as hundreds of people are already suffering from pneumonia and high fever. It is also reported that two of them have already died with more than two dozen in critical condition. Making things worse, according to Kantipur (news daily), women at flood-victim camps are facing risk of sexual harassment and exploitation. Pregnant women and nursing mothers in the camp are not getting nutritious food and are compelled to sleep in the cold and wet floor. According to doctors, lack of safe-drinking water, sanitation, bedding, food, and inadequate medicines is triggering the hazard inside the camps.

Furthermore, bridges and culverts have collapsed. Land and mobile phone networks have been out of service for two days and are only gradually being repaired. Drinking water and electricity supplies, schools and public buildings are destroyed. Local reports state that thousands of people are still located in the inundated area and waiting for rescue.

In this situation, people from many different fields have donated for the flood victims. But we can see many different groups asking for money or other stuff. But we should be aware that we donate to the right person so that our donation reaches the needy people in the Terai region. We must be aware that we donate to the right organization like the Red Cross.

Note: We will be updating this article with latest news and updates; and also adding up the bank account numbers where from you can donate to the flood affected.

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