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First Vice President of Nepal… Step Down

Parmanandhar Jha

Administrator’s note: This is a guest post from Mr. Anup KC who is currently in Sydney, Australia.

It’s just pretty sad to see and a tragic too when people can’t see what’s happening around them and in their society and the country itself. So, blind by their arrogance and hypocrisies, self contained and f%#@ing blaming attitude of Nepalese that their blind and dumb politicians of present Nepal could do nothing but to lead the country to astray; as they are not fit for this 21st century. They are too old, crippled and outdated.

They have got no idea of what so ever is happening besides there 3 km radius which is why they all (including all ranas, kings, and all political parties) believe that country is running smoothly and performing well and all we need is stability. STABILITY is what you say we need and all we do is sit stable, quiet in our house dreaming of future turning blind eye to what is happening today in country without realizing; today makes tomorrow. Hence, your no effort to do anything today will lead to nowhere tomorrow.

Now the people (president) who justifies as our vice president did that, regardless what we wear or dress or speak we are Nepalese for most and got to remain like that but why say so if u can’t just be a Nepali from your heart and mean what you say and do something. Doesn’t anyone know the difference of having this kind of opinion in your house, and in the house of parliament makes a huge difference? It is not where you party and show how harmonious and friendly you are with the other origin and species of people. This is where you represent your country not yourself. Thank you Mr. Stupid President.

It’s the sovereignty, dignity, individuality, culture, glory of a country that has its own language (national), culture, and everything which needs to be flashed out every time it comes in media as this is watched by everyone in the world and which helps the international public and media to carve the image of the county itself. Here we could hence say, any country’s sovereignty and language is more important than what a president or vice president thinks. Now, no matter what the vice president speaks and wears that is what he can do when he is at home not at the media or when he is doing something regarding to represent the country of my own not his alone. If he can’t understand this he can go to hell.

It is the country that he is representing not himself to justify that his one of the most beloved language is Hindi and not Nepali and would love to speak as it suits, fit to him then why not just leave the country and go to hell where he likes. Or else justice must be done; example must be set. So we could opt for extreme option as to jail him for whole life or expel him form the country to where he gets to exercise his beloved language “H” or sack him forever to take any political move in the country. This is no joke what he has done now for every Nepalese to understand as something like this is never to happen again. He must be punished or else if nothing like this is exercised no one will ever learn a lesson, no one will ever think twice before they act and speak and will keep on doing what they want and all we will be doing is protesting and this will take us nowhere.

Having your interest and likes is not what you bring in the media when you are doing something to represent Nepal and Nepali. If u can’t just understand that then mate I believe that he/she should never be allowed to stand before the Nepali people and media as he so blind by his won stupidity that he is just unable to come out of it. You see Why not just punish him for his act who still thinks he hasn’t done anything wrong when he has challenged the sovereignty of Nepal staying at the position where he should be guarding it with his life. It is a matter of laugh if even today Nepalese can’t understand it and go for strike and destroy the public property. Instead just grab his neck and kick him out of the country and set and example what happens when you play with Nepalese heart and try to provoke. I say shoot that son of a bitch. And let the entire politician have a respect for the law and learn how to behave.

Look all around us what has they done and gave to us. Since the democracy came to Nepal in 1951 all they did was what they saw rana was doing fighting for the status and power. They spoke against rana so they could give the power to people and look after them but is that really what they did or just the opposite.

Haven’t we really gone back to time? I’m not in favor of rana, king or have a dislike of politicians. I just love Nepal and being Nepali I can’t take this shit anymore and live dying everyday seeing country going to astray.

Long live Nepal and Nepali but just mere saying and doing nothing will do nothing. As we all know there needs to be some input to generate output. All we have done is sit and watch, protest and destroy public property. Why not change that strategy for a while and think calmly and rather stand that culprit politician who lies to justice and punish them. No excuse not at all to them. They are no just a simple Nepali; they are the representative of the Nepalese people and Nepal. Not a joke mate, not a joke. If they are simply unable then let them resign or else let’s demand for the result and the things they have promised. Wouldn’t that be proper democracy and proper way dealing things?

And one for thing before I stop for today if anyone has noticed before election it was parchanda who was going to be the president of Nepal but as soon as the elections was over and politician decided to shift power from president to prime minister how quickly he swapped his position without any shame and guilt. How could one be so shameless and represent country and promise to do something for the countrymen when we all can see that all he is doing is running for power and seat as the congress and UML and rest are doing. A bunch of shameless, old and gay are ruling our country and us just looking at the act for free not realizing we are paying our life and country’s sovereignty for this.

News about protest in international media:

11 thoughts on “First Vice President of Nepal… Step Down

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  2. Bull shit reaction against Mr. Jha.

    If Nepalese people have that great love for the Culture and Language, why dont we guys try to refine ourselves first, before objecting to Mr. Jha taking oath in Hindi.

    Go to any city of India and you will find our people serving there as an Gatekeepers at every Resturants and other places. Our Guys try hard day and night to learn Hindi. Its their need for the hour.

    Are we blind to see that all the education system in Nepal is moving towards English. Stop that! Can we? No we cant. Its need for an hour.

    And if Mr. Jha is using Hindi, there is a huge reason. Today we guys come up with counter arguement that he shoud have used Maithili insted. We all know how much love we have for Non-Nepali languages like Maithili, Bhojpuri or Avadhi and people speaking the same. BULL SHIT COUNTER ARGUEMENT.

    Today we realize a guy wearing DHOTI can become our own representative. And we are angered because we have teasing our DHOTI friends with this term for many many years for now. His attire, Language and everything was the outcome of the long supressed anger of the people, whome we call ours.

    Lets give them space and freedome to be proudly become one of us. Let our society become a plural where we have space for everyone. Lets extend Nepal beyond Nepali speaking people. Go to the places in India where we have Nepali population. I am sure they are more Indian than Nepali. Can we claim the same about our Madhesi brothers.

  3. yeah.. why not we all speak hindi? why not we all sing their national anthem? why not we all wear dhotis even those who live in the mountains? why not we claim that Lord Buddha is an Indian? why not we say that Mount Everest lies in India? isn’t jha????

  4. entertainment ground

    Why do you expect a Madhesi to wear a traditional black cap when you hate to wear his dhoti?

    When we said that we are Nepali people, you said we were people of Indian origin. Now when we are adopting Hindi, you guys shout: Hindi will eat up Maithili, Bhojpuri and other Tarai language. Where was this love for Tarai language few years back.

    We are not the people of Indian origin. We are actual people of Tarai, so was Gautam Buddha, Mata Sita and others whome you guys have advertised as Nepali. True they are Nepali but they are Madhesi Nepali.

    This fear of India will give you guys continous head ache. Go to India and I am sure you wont find any news about happnings in Nepal. People there will infact laugh because we made hell lot of cry and noise for something very very useless.

  5. why do you expect every nepali to wear a dhoti when you hate nepali attire? there are many people in dubai, saudi and places like that where they have been serving as gate keepers, so does this mean that we need to start learning arabic? and yeah about going to india, i know how you are humiliated, bullied by them. who cares if indians give any attention to our current scenario, who are they to get acquainted with our current scenario, go to some other country and see, they too will laugh and why should be bother about them, be it india or any other nation, we don’t need anyone to ponder over our present conditions, we are good enough to settle our own problems..

  6. @ Jha
    If you think all nepalese should speak hindi or all madhesi should speak hindi as the origin of their language is hindi, why don’t you too speak in Sanskrit. If you want to go to the basic, why not Sanskrit rather than the derived hindi? Afterall Sanskrit is the original language of all languages!!

    Did you get my point??

    It’s not about the origin, it’s about the originality! The easiness! The comfort! and mostly the language that has pride when speaking! There are nearly 100s of languages in Nepal and all of the people respect Nepali language, why cant the madhesi people accept this fact? Other people speaking 99languages dont seem to have problem accepting Nepali language and speaking it!!!

  7. @ Jha: I was much taken aback by JHA’s “baicharik daridrata”. I wonder why he seems to be so much in love with this Hindi language!! Yes, that is entirely up to him, whatever he wants or likes or dislikes is none of mine or anyone’s concerns. BUT, the reasoning that he has given are simply and utterly ridiculous!! Seems like he has no love for Nepal. All that is seen is HE IS IN LUV WID INDIA AND INDIANS AND HINDI LANGUAGE!! What the hell!! Whether or not Indian ppl laugh at our matters is a matter that WE PROUD NEPALIS laugh at!! So Mr. Jha, learn to respect OUR OWN NATIONAL LANGUAGE!! Whether you like it or not, learn to respect AT LEAST, the national language!! The VP might have had his great love for that foreign language, that is his private affair, that need not be ANNOUNCED PUBLICLY, and that too SO SHAMEFULLY. Shame on you all.

  8. I have taken a long time to decide whether to comment or not. being an indian makes it a little hard for me to write anything but having spent so much time in Nepal i can say that language never made a difference to me. I tried my best to learn nepali and eventually succeeded but when it came to newari i failed. Now i am india and i do come across a lot of nepalese …few working as gatekeepers and waiters while few working in big MNCs and running business. I speak nepali whenever i get a chance as that brings me closer to them. so my point is that by speaking Hindi MR. V F&%*n C might not have done that bad but if he doesnt learn to speak people’s language he certainly is a fool and must step down.

    Also MR VC speaking hindi doesnt make him an India well wisher (what gud can he do to india anyways) so dwelling upon such stupid details proves that you guys aint thinking in a positive direction. The primary focus should be to resolve the crisis and bring financial security to your country. how does it matter If it comes from speaking Nepali, Newari, English or HINDI.

    I am seriously against these thoughts coz its people like MR. Anup KC who themselves sit in australia making $$$ for himself and not doing anything for his own country but writing a blog post that cripples peoples mentality.

    Mr. KC please think twice before you write or else come to india and meet me so that i can show you that Nepalese are respected here and doing much better than they do in Nepal. at least they dont starve.

  9. this vice president dont know what to say… he is not a responsible person to the country as well… why is he still in this position?

  10. I am really glad to see these many comments on my article.

    First of all i would like to address the JHA’s comments which really pinched my heart. You seems to be comparing your personal issues with your national interest. Well speaking hindi wouldn’t have been of any conflict if it was you or me or anyone not addressing the nation. But there is a protocol when you speak on behave of the nation for your country men and the international media which is you were your national dress and speak your national language which distinguishes you from the rest. I think everyone follows this. Everyone speaks there language and rest have the interpreter. Anyway hope this will help you understand what i am trying to say in my blog.

    And now to the Sharad; i hope it would have been better if you have kept your mouth shut. But you choose to speak as the rest indian without any understanding; on top of that you even judged me. Now its none of your fu**ing business what i do and what am i doing. Your comment on nepalese being respected; well they deserve it and they are respected everywhere. Now about starving i don’t think nepali are starving in NEPAL and same goes in your place. They earn there living with honesty hence they dont’ starve not like someone who knows nothing but to cheat, kill and deceive.
    WEll we have this saying “1 dead indian can sell 10 alive Nepalese”. See the difference between the modesty and arrogant.

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