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Ek Madesh Ek Pradesh, tukrine cha hamro desh

Nepal is going though a transition period, it is understandable that various issues that were neglect or just shrugged off before are bound to rise for public scrutiny. The problem is not that these issues are just or unjust but the problem is the lack of understanding and abiding the rule and norms of a democratic process.These various politicians claim to be a part of a democratic system and yet it seems they dont understand the very essence of a democracy. The recent issue of “ Ek Madesh Ek Pradesh“ is one of those very issues that is far more volatile and no decisions can be made until it goes through the whole constitutional assembly process. The way these political parties are holding the nation on a ransom is totally unacceptable.

It is a very sensitive issue altogether, it is an outright division of a nation based on ethnicity and has a tendency to segregate and hinder the whole united Nepal frontier that is so much need to help us progress and break the vicious cycle of cultural and religious dogmas that have done a lot of damages already. The politicians fighting for this so called tag need to look at the simple fact that within those areas, it’s not madeshies or pahadiyas or tharus or any other ethnic groups that live there its Nepalese who live there, irrespective of what you look like you are a Nepali.

The issue or the problem is not solved by dividing a nation along the ethnic barriers but the issue is solved by tackling the system that failed in the first place. We finally are in a position now where we can deal with all the issues fairly and freely in a civilized manner within the democratic process.

The issue of madesh is not about what it is made to looks like; it is about social injustice and discrimination along the line of ethnicity, they deserve every opportunity that any other Nepali citizen gets no doubt about that, but why divide yourself from the very entity that you are all about. It’s not just them who are fighting this battle there are various other ethnic groups doing the same but they don’t want to segregate themselves apart from the fact that they are Nepali they want social justice not a separate state.

These issues can be dealth with in a much simplified manner. The political parties raising these issues are trying to make it way complex. Simple and clear working guidelines along the line of ethnic descrimination in any sector should be condemned and who ever practises it should be held accountable and punished for it in any sector. It’s all about getting this messege through across to the people and this issue wont ever be a issue again.

I am not up for this so called “ Ek madesh Ek Pradesh” . I don’t want a divided Nepal , I want a united strong Nepal which will over come all these barriers and truly live up to it’s true potential, where people are just people not colors, race or religion.

2 thoughts on “Ek Madesh Ek Pradesh, tukrine cha hamro desh

  1. Politics everywhere is same, all need power, it is just a game to gain power. Normal people just love to work , earn money and live happy. Stop all these Drama so called big 3 parties of Nepal. Else in next election some new Youth force will capture your position. Youth are getting aware and they might leave your old faces all alone.

  2. people of bagmati region eg. kathmandu bhaktapur lalitpur etc are nepali but not others. eastern people are kirats western are gorkhali far-west khas and south are madeshi.why in your article only talk about nepali but not other people of country ? if you mean all people of nepal then you can write siply ‘people of FDR of nepal’ or nepalese not nepali….

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