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Freedom of exposure in the internet media

Digital Media

Nepalese media has boomed quite much in few years. With the boom of the technology and specially the the use of internet in Nepal, for past few years we have seen many Entertainment website in Nepal. These entertainment websites has also proved as a good platform for uprising stars.

Sangesh, shares his thoughts regarding the internet as the media in this article.

8 thoughts on “Freedom of exposure in the internet media

  1. yeah,that’s true.We have freedom to expose but nowdays we are exposing much more…Anyway, if models has not any objection to published nude pics over internet and magazine.Then, why we have to worry about it….. I’m waiting when these websites converted into nepali p*rn site… hehe..

  2. 1. Yes, all models do that.
    2. Their pictures are soft-core, these are called glamour shots, and it is only the shortcomings in the mentality of the photographer and quality of the models that make them “cheap”
    3. They are not selling anything, have you been able to buy anything on cybersansar, wrt to the models?
    4 and 5. Yes
    6. No
    7. Women protest, but these things happen. Feminism is a much divided idealogy, and feminists are a divided group. Each faction thinks differently.
    Lastly, chill man, teh fact that you take this so seiously goes a long way in showing why our country is where it is wrt to things like women’s freedom.

  3. yeah these are so called glamour shots. they look bad because their choice of models is shitty at best. same shots on a good model would look awesome.

  4. YA ..stupid gals stripping out almost everything. THIS IS THE POWER OF MALE DOMINANCE. WE MEN PUT FIRE IN NAME OF eQUALITY…..wE GET ‘EM SEE ALL THEIR SKIN

  5. what nonsense!! c’mon guys it n ot like that … what’s so unusual abt it. i think u guys are sick. u still behaving as if we are in 70’s or 80’s.

  6. Certainly yes we need to have some adult sites also for nepalese websurfers. nepal has no ban on any content over the internet and even small children can access to those sites freely. there is no low about what content should be abailable in nepali websites as well. most of the sites in nepal are hosted outside of nepal and it is abide by the low of the hosting country not by the country that content related to. so who will tie the bell in the neck of a cat? and those so called entertainment sites are not only making changes of those models life but they do make thousands of dollars every month. i am not sure if they are paying any taxes as that is a business as well.
    anyway we are not far from any changes that is happening in the world.
    keep up keep surfing.
    recently we have found a search engine called http://www.ocensurf.com check that out

  7. man …sansar kan bata kan pugisakyo dude,stop thinkin about this shit..and work on progress,nepal ko barema sochana why think about these things and waste ur time, there are things better than this stupid blog…

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