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Well done Mahaboob Alam

Mahaboob Alam

Nadir Karim is bowled by Mahaboob Alam

This has to be one of the great moments in the history of Nepali sports. Mahaboob Alam, on of the bowler’s of Nepalese cricket teams took all the 10 wickets in ongoing ICC World Cricket League against Mozambique. The tournament was a road to 2011 ICC cricket world cup.

We were expecting this news to have been in the headlines, in front page of every Nepalese daily newspaper. The Official ICC website has praised on this achievement by Mahaboob Alam, but sadly enough our local newspapers did much but highlight this achievement of one of the local lads. The news has been in the newspapers but just a small one. Even been a sports related, it should have been highlight much more than what it is currently. The front page always does not need to be regarding politics and the dirty politicians? Why such players aren’t given more expose so that they get excited and give good performance in the coming days. The players are real heroes of the country who play for the pride of the nation.

We expect much more in the days to come from the local media.

7 thoughts on “Well done Mahaboob Alam

  1. Yes Hats off to Mahaboob Alam for this superb effort. We are proud that we have this allrounder in the team who is a devastating batsman & a fiery bowler. This is the player who decided to left Nepal a year ago to play club cricket in Gulf country because of selection process & dirty activity including politics in Cricket Association of Nepal(CAN).
    So everyone CAN, Media & citizen of Nepal should motivate a player like Mahaboob as the players are the true ambassador of the country.

  2. Congratulations to Alam. The record that you made will remain unbroken and unachievable. Hope you’ll continue your good form in the days to come and good luck as well.

  3. well done Alam. keep on making Nepal and all Nepalese proud. hope to see nepal one day to be in ICC World cup.

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