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Are we losing our Identity?

There is this nicely written article about our identity and our history in context to Nepal. It talks about our history and the historical places and how we are slowly in the verge of losing it, our history, our culture. It seems like soon we will have nothing to be proud of being a Nepali. We are losing our Identity, the identity of Nepal and being a Nepali, the Culture of our Nepal and the traditions.

Lumbini - Birth place of Lord Buddha
Lumbini, Birth place of lord Buddha

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12 thoughts on “Are we losing our Identity?

  1. I have different opinion than the writer here. Gurkhas has not made us pride in fact its a same that our brothers have been forced to fight as rented soldiers, why are we so proud of Gurkhas who are fighting for Brithis Interest. Its true that being drafted in Gurkhas Battalion is a complusion to may neplease who have nothing to do here, but lets make Nepal where none of our brothers have to be slave of white people. Lets fight for our own interest lets make better Nepal. “Desle magdaina afule dinu parcha” Bravery for the money is nothing to be proud of.

  2. Stupid article.

    – The Peak of Mt. Everest was gifted to Nepal by China… with the condition that they can climb it from their side. And again, heightst point of both China and Nepal is the peak of Mt. Everest. It is the deal that we share the peak with China.. read and do some research before you write something.

    – Kumari… why would we ruin a girl’s life… just because YOU and other people like YOU can be proud that Nepal has a “living goddess” ?? We do not have a right to do that. Every child has the right of being a normal child, and not a goddess. How much “respect” do you have for the OLD Kumari.. and do you even know where she is?? By the time she is able to understand whats going on with her life, she is no longer a Kumari…

  3. Cyberharke

    about mount everest, we read in our book taht it lies in nepal, you better ask education ministry to change it, and if you have taht agreement then please post it here or give us the link so taht we all can read it.
    About Kumari, no one life is put into hell, they get education inside and after taht they have done futher education, yeah child rights is there, but she stay as kumari for 4/5 years so after taht they can have a mechanism to make her life better. and u can not vanish our Culture, we need to preserv them as we are rich in our culture. if you wish there is a way always before destroying it.

  4. I don’t like the way people refer to Tibet as China. To be quite honest people should not put their noses into places where they don’t belong. Can you prove to me that China gave Nepal that condition? It has been in our borders for centuries and you want to make remarks through your wikipedia education? My friend, i can say that George Bush is the wisest man on the plant but in reality its quite the contrary isn’t it? Going by your terms, i would have to state that we are all africans since we originated from the Pangolian Plate… and want to guess where that is? So please we are Nepali from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. We are sons of our motherland and Slaves to no one. The so called Mt. Everest is a Head piece that crowns our motherland. So please refrain from making illiterate-esque comments about a place i love so much that i’m willing to let my blood flow to make rivers greater that ones that rush through the land of my forefathers. Jai Nepal. Jai Gorkha. Sagarmatha ko ashirvad. Aayo Gorkhali.

  5. Its so funny, there goes the talks about Mt. Everest and Buddha, its so sad really. Proud to be Nepali, land of Mt. Everest, birthplace of Buddha, tradition, culture, so what if Everest is in Nepal, so what buddha was born in nepal, generation after generation , just everest and buddha nothing new to be proud of ha..Oh ya proud to be a neighbour of two biggest countries, you know indians are prould why well they are going to moon and mars they just signed a nuke deal with US, they are fastest growing economy in the world well not the fastest, the fastest is china another neighbour, well my friends thats something to be proud of or is it. India doesn’t have to have buddha to make them reconized in the world and china surely doesn’t need Mt. Everest. Protect our identity you know what our identity is, its a country next to china and india.So, are we gonna be proud of Mt. Everest, Kumari, Lumbini, and gokhas for another 100 years or are we giving our children somethings else beside these to be proud of. And what up with the only Hindu kingdom thing, i mean are you serious.

  6. paras

    this is for paras bro there, you completely misunderstood the meaning of Gurkha , its not just that they are slaved but understand this during the Anglo-Nepal war , Gurkha’s were the ones that didn’t let British take over Nepal , they fought till their last energy in their body , that’s is true bravery that’s why we should be proud of them , oh well what you said isnt fale either but time shall come then i am sure all Gurhka brother will be ready to spill their blood and sweat for their mother land Nepal , united and formed by Prithvi Narayan Shan , First Grade Gurkha ruler

  7. I think you started off well in the post but your views about the living goddess does make you appear stupid and I think it’s time you should seek a psychiatrist.


  8. hi, all guy its Ramesh From India well , its my comments about Nepal and lumbini, and i saw up your all comments but i m not feel glad i think u guys all are blind to see the some thing spacial u didn’t find any good thing as well as wonder thing then all over world u all are mad people OK its lumbini is soul of Nepal and mt. Everest is head of Nepal this both are relay unforgettable place to see and any body can feel like a paradise after the look properly ok i have seen some place of Nepal complete the lumbini but i don’t thing wrong i relay enjoy with my family and wanna me to return again as soon possible….

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