Awaaz, listen to the Voices

We are United

We are united here to speak out the truth. We all know that,our country is in great problem i.e. we are in problem or can be said that we are in trouble. And every individual is crying for peace and prosperity here. But it is not working may be because of people who are in power are not listening each individual’s voice. So we are united to speak out the voice over here thinking that they must listen our voice because unity has strength. Awaaz stands for voice and hamro stands for our, overall it’s our voice. Yes, it’s our voice and we will be speaking here for the peace and prosperity of the country also we will be speaking here on social issues and hot issues.

Our country is in the initial phase of restructuring country through CA election. The election to the constituent assembly is set to draft a new constitution for the country. And this is a historical event from where we can build peace and prosperous Nepal. Hope that there will be no any disturbances and no more problem.

It is time to make our civil position clear and to think about our country rather than quarreling and blaming each-other. We have to united against those who are trying to fragment our country and who are trying to do the trading of dead bodies (las ko byapar). So, it’s a time to choose better person who thinks about our country rather than their family. It’s time to choose those people who really loves our country (not dramatic love). If we will able to choose right person,then it’s guarantee that there will not be any-kind of problem in future and our head held high once again. But for this, firstly we have to unite.

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