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Welcome to Hamroawaaz.com

Warm welcome to our website, welcome to Hamroawaaz.

We are a group of on person from different field of interest and work of field as well. Ranging from business entrepreneurs, bankers, foreign student, doctors to name a few. Our geographical location also varies from different parts of Nepal as well as other parts of the globe too. This is our place on the world wide web to make our voice be heard. We also include posts from contributers from different parts of Nepal and the World.

We are happy to announce that we have, till date, received different contributions from our readers. We hope to receive articles in the future and hoping for your support at all times.

We are would like to hear feedbacks and comments to our website, which are very valuable assets to us. Please send in your comments in the comment box below.

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  1. Upa Rastrapati(Parmananda Jha) ko Bharatiya Moha
    [ Vice-President(Parmananda Jha)’s Love on Hiindi Language ]

    Topics to discuss right now

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