Posted on 12/04/2008
Filed Under (Current Events) by sangesh team would like to wish all the readers a Happy New Year 2065. From the starting of the year 2064, we heard and prepare about CA polls, it postponed for 2 times and finally on the eve of the 2065 we are getting some ca polls results. Finally let’s hope that we will have no more violence in Nepal after this election.

Nepal faced more fearful political incidents in Nepal this year, Terai was burning for months.  We feared even that Maoist may start their revolution.

Looking at the first stage of the election results, we are going to see some of the new faces in Nepal’s politics, we hope these new faces will not repeat what the old ones did and will work for Nepal and Nepalese.

Let’s hope for a better things in Nepal in the year 2065, let’s hope the problem for load shedding, drinking water and gasoline will be solved and we do not need to waste our valuable time staying queue for these basic needs of our daily life. Let’s pray no more dirty politics, killing of people and let’s pray we can live with safe air. I hope Crimes will be reduced and we will have a bright future.

Last but not the least , let’s hope we have choose the right person to make our new constitution and they will make a new law of Nepal in the year 2065.

Finally once again Happy New Year 2065.

Posted on 21/03/2008
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Hamro Awaaz stands on the core belief that the general public i.e. us, all of us have an obligation to each other to stand for what is right irrespective of who we are. Our voices will be heard if we unite breaking the old bonds of caste, class, creed and political belief. We believe that injustice to one is injustice to all, we need to stand for people with no voices, and it’s about time we take our power back. We believe the people hold the power not the politicians, they just represent us.

We strongly believe in change and change happens through unity for the right cause. We all want Peace and Prosperity in our nation, an environment without fear, an environment filled with equality in every front, an environment that provides opportunity for growth, an environment where we can make ourselves be heard and express our thoughts freely.

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