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Year 2011 has almost done its full circle for the year and here we stand once again to farewell this year and welcome the another one with our new resolution; So hereby I would like to personally wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

This Christmas I decided to go to Nan Tien Temple at Berkeley, NSW, Australia with my family hoping it would be quiet but on arrival; it was otherwise; it was mayhem when I got there.

All these people from all creeds and color were there. Questions, questions… ringing  in my head. What is the sole purpose of me and these people to be here on this day of the year? Am I and the rest here because we do not celebrate the Christmas in a tradition Christen ways or is it simply because everyone of us had nowhere else to go; hence we all landed in the abode of Buddha for refuge.

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On Society and Education

The society is full-on with eastern philosophy which comprises of religion and the way of life and on the other side we have education following the western principles and philosophy. These are two sides of magnet and repels on its proximity. Both ends serves well if it’s left on its own but when brought together it just repels and pushes each other. When society demands individual to act on its norm but the education bends the otherwise. Thus a conflict.
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सिपाहि (A soldier) was my first book that introduced me to Nepali Literature. That was year 11 (1997). Before that I kept me self in complete dark with my assumption that I am in no capability of understanding the words of literature. The only book in Nepali language was Mahendra Mala in school rest was in English. I was taught English Grammar since UKG but I learnt Nepali grammar when I got to class 8 and class 9-10 were intense with grammar and more in writing too which pissed me off for not being able to cope with it. They did introduce history and grammar in year 4 but all in vain. The course was scrapped; it was too much for us to handle instead we got social studies and moral science which was more or less science and the other being stories with moral values. And little did I care as I was completely soaked by English language and its literature.

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Posted on 01/03/2009
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Polio Drop Vaccination
A child being administered a polio vaccine at Basantapur

Nepal yesterday administered a nationwide polio immunization campaign. Many polio vaccine centers were setup for easy access of polio drops to the general public.

There are a few basic things that everyone should know about polio:

  • Polio is a highly infectious viral disease through Poliomyelitis (polio).
  • Polio mainly affects children under five years of age.
  • Poliovirus is mainly passed through person-to-person contact.
  • There is no cure for polio, it can only be prevented through immunization.
  • Until and unless polio is eradicated, the polio drop has to be given.

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Bandh and Political party have been synonymous or else it wouldn’t appear so often as the days in a week that rolls on every day of the month. The so called Student Union or the young generation faction of any party just doesn’t seem to understand or whatever the reason might be but it all seems blind man leading. As the name suggests it is a student union so must belong to some institution and hopefully they will be taught and in the mean time they do learn something that should make them wary of the things that’s happening around them or are they just the bunch stupid nerd admitted in the universities just to create the chaos in the country with there protest, band, hooliganism, and merely following the orders of the party leader like the army without any consideration.

Being the student and young they are supposed to be the energy to build something, do something but all we see is just the opposite. Regardless of what qualifications you have everyone is doing the same: beating the weak, breaking someone’s property in the name of protest. But how will this change a thing. Does this affect the government or the person you are protesting for or against? It just harms and hurts the next person who is another Nepali like you, a brother in a wider sense. He might have his own problems and situation that he is fighting for just to meet the ends. But who cares. The party says or the leader of the student union is unhappy about something; now guess what; band, without any prior notice what do you expect someone to do at that moment, they can’t just simply disappear on your mood for Bandh and then be visible back aging when the situation changes.
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Happy Bijaya Dashami - 2065

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Eye is that portion of body without saying anything it says a lot. It unknowingly demonstrates the feelings of someone hiding in one’s heart. While doing sex, everyone has the experience of closing of eye. Closed eye means indication of getting emotion through the relation. Hence, the above give a glance that eye is a scenario to find out the inner of someone.

His eyes used to be silent and attractive, attractive in the sense of having tendency to make curious about he. He, 20-year-old, became emotionally blinded and got fall in love with 40-year-old woman having her two daughters too. Now-a-days, after this event, I in my imagination only seeing waves and tides of emotions in his silent and peaceful eyes.

What made him to take that decision ? He, a student, dependent on family, took such a decision which is totally wrong for a guy like him. To marry at that young age is itself wrong, here he not only did marry but to a woman having her own family and highly aged. In the response of “why” , he just do answer…..”It’s the love my friend , just love”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pushpa Kamal DahalMaoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ was elected the first Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal by the Constituent Assembly (CA) on Friday with a landslide votes.

Following the election at the CA in New Baneshwor, CA Chairman Subash Chandra Nemwang announced Dahal’s victory after the proposal for his election as Prime Minister was supported by 464 CA members. While Dahal’s rival and former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, a Nepali Congress candidate, who had became the Prime Minister three times earlier, garnered only 113 votes in his favor.

Before even the votes were cast, all factors had already indicated that Maoist Chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, whose party emerged as the single largest party in the Constituent Assembly (CA) after the April 10 elections, would win the race and become the new Prime Minister.

Following the election, Nemwang said that the CA session will now remain suspended till another decision.

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Taking aside other different multiple access technologies, there are three FDMA, TDMA and CDMA highly being used and acclaimed.

FDMA – The available frequency range is divided in to frequency slots and each slot is provided to each user or for purposes. 1G was totally based on this technology.

TDMA – Similar to FDMA, but here available time frame is divided in to a limited time slots and in each slot data of different user are transmitted. Europe used this technique to develop GSM, 2G standard mobile.

CDMA – Neither frequency nor time are used, rather code to transmit data of different users within a wideband. North America used the technique to develop IS-95, 2G standard mobile.

It may seem tough to understand these technologies in such above languages. These all techniques are being used by us in our life unknowingly.

FDMA – Whatever one needs something, give him a portion of something. In FDMA case, something is frequency as a channel. This is the simple and easy process that we are using in our daily life since when FDMA term wasn’t in existence.

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Rising cost of Foods have been something going unnoticed and uncovered news in recent time. In spite rising cost of daily staples is affecting our daily life nobody seems to taking it seriously and sensing something coming out as a consequence. It is expected that more than 60% of world population believed to be middle class people and constant rise in cost of daily food stuffs is hitting hard to this segment of population demography which leading us towards the imminent revolution “Rice Revolution”. Some minor protest has already started in Philippines, Egypt and it is contagious to our part of world.

World Bank study reveals that rice prices in most of developing countries has risen by almost triple fold and stock of rice has gone down lowest in three decades. It again suggests that there is an even higher chance of increasing rice prices. Global warming has had an adverse effect on production of rice due to uncertain changes in weather. Constant rocketing of Petroleum and fertilizer prices are also one of the key factor in rising cost of production of rice which is ultimately reflected in consumer price. Last year heavy flooding in South Asia has badly hit production of rice in Bangladesh, India where almost 1/3 of total rice production takes place.

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