Posted on 26/09/2008
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Goddess Kumari - Indrajatra

Indrajatra, one of the major Jatra (festivals) celebrated in the Kathmandu valley is a major occasion for any Newar residing in the valley. All of us belonging to different religions have festivals of our own and celebrate and rejoice them. Any festival celebrated in the country is seen with equal respect. Even the government has announced public holidays for many of the festivals celebrated by people from different clans.

The significance of Indrajatra need not be described to any one, be them be residing inside the valley or not. It is one of the major festivals celebrated in the valley for several days; with chariots of Ganesh, Kumari and Bhairav being taken around many city areas. There had always been a system in which a small amount of budget had been allotted for the occasion.

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Posted on 16/08/2008
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Pushpa Kamal DahalMaoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ was elected the first Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal by the Constituent Assembly (CA) on Friday with a landslide votes.

Following the election at the CA in New Baneshwor, CA Chairman Subash Chandra Nemwang announced Dahal’s victory after the proposal for his election as Prime Minister was supported by 464 CA members. While Dahal’s rival and former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, a Nepali Congress candidate, who had became the Prime Minister three times earlier, garnered only 113 votes in his favor.

Before even the votes were cast, all factors had already indicated that Maoist Chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, whose party emerged as the single largest party in the Constituent Assembly (CA) after the April 10 elections, would win the race and become the new Prime Minister.

Following the election, Nemwang said that the CA session will now remain suspended till another decision.

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Posted on 15/08/2008
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Administrator’s note: This is a guest post from Dr. Shrijana Manandhar. The author is currently practicing Veterinary Health care and also works as an Animal Nutritionist in a feed industry.

Who is responsible for the stray animals in busy streets of Kathmandu: Farmers, locals or the municipality ?

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Posted on 04/08/2008
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Parmanandhar Jha

Administrator’s note: This is a guest post from Mr. Anup KC who is currently in Sydney, Australia.

It’s just pretty sad to see and a tragic too when people can’t see what’s happening around them and in their society and the country itself. So, blind by their arrogance and hypocrisies, self contained and f%#@ing blaming attitude of Nepalese that their blind and dumb politicians of present Nepal could do nothing but to lead the country to astray; as they are not fit for this 21st century. They are too old, crippled and outdated.

They have got no idea of what so ever is happening besides there 3 km radius which is why they all (including all ranas, kings, and all political parties) believe that country is running smoothly and performing well and all we need is stability. STABILITY is what you say we need and all we do is sit stable, quiet in our house dreaming of future turning blind eye to what is happening today in country without realizing; today makes tomorrow. Hence, your no effort to do anything today will lead to nowhere tomorrow.

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