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          "आँसु पुछेर आँसु रित्तिँदैन, दु:ख जानेर दु:ख सिद्धिँदैन।"

                            -     सरूभक्त (पागल बस्ती)






Fiction was never my cup of tea. But there are still few books that I cannot forget and stop praising it for its beauty. The Firm by John Grisham, Shogun by James Clavell, Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon are the few of them which have immense impact on my reading; fiction. Read the rest of this entry »

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Goddess Kumari - Indrajatra

Indrajatra, one of the major Jatra (festivals) celebrated in the Kathmandu valley is a major occasion for any Newar residing in the valley. All of us belonging to different religions have festivals of our own and celebrate and rejoice them. Any festival celebrated in the country is seen with equal respect. Even the government has announced public holidays for many of the festivals celebrated by people from different clans.

The significance of Indrajatra need not be described to any one, be them be residing inside the valley or not. It is one of the major festivals celebrated in the valley for several days; with chariots of Ganesh, Kumari and Bhairav being taken around many city areas. There had always been a system in which a small amount of budget had been allotted for the occasion.

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Saptakoshi flood affected peopleThe recent Sapatakoshi river flood has caused catastrophic damage to lives, livelihoods and infrastructure to an already fragile part of Nepal. According to Red-cross (Nepal), around 54,000 people in the Kusaha, Haripur, Shreepur, Loukahi, and Bhokraha Village Development Committees (VDC) of Sunsari district are displaced.

The initial Damage and Emergency Need Assessment carried out by Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) has shown that more than 54,000 people living in the eastern belt of the Saptakoshi River have been displaced so far as the river changed its course through densely populated human settlements on 18 August 2008. According to the assessment, 8 Village Development Committees (VDC) are badly affected, and some others are still at risk of flooding.

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Parmanandhar Jha

Administrator’s note: This is a guest post from Mr. Anup KC who is currently in Sydney, Australia.

It’s just pretty sad to see and a tragic too when people can’t see what’s happening around them and in their society and the country itself. So, blind by their arrogance and hypocrisies, self contained and f%#@ing blaming attitude of Nepalese that their blind and dumb politicians of present Nepal could do nothing but to lead the country to astray; as they are not fit for this 21st century. They are too old, crippled and outdated.

They have got no idea of what so ever is happening besides there 3 km radius which is why they all (including all ranas, kings, and all political parties) believe that country is running smoothly and performing well and all we need is stability. STABILITY is what you say we need and all we do is sit stable, quiet in our house dreaming of future turning blind eye to what is happening today in country without realizing; today makes tomorrow. Hence, your no effort to do anything today will lead to nowhere tomorrow.

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Sangesh, one of our writers has been regularly writing for In this article he shares the fact of food shortages which is in Nepal. The fact that even the Nepalese people don’t know and how the international media has been covering this fact about Nepal. The report by Charles Haviland from BBC did not write this on assumption.

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Nepal is going though a transition period, it is understandable that various issues that were neglect or just shrugged off before are bound to rise for public scrutiny. The problem is not that these issues are just or unjust but the problem is the lack of understanding and abiding the rule and norms of a democratic process.These various politicians claim to be a part of a democratic system and yet it seems they dont understand the very essence of a democracy. The recent issue of “ Ek Madesh Ek Pradesh“ is one of those very issues that is far more volatile and no decisions can be made until it goes through the whole constitutional assembly process. The way these political parties are holding the nation on a ransom is totally unacceptable.

It is a very sensitive issue altogether, it is an outright division of a nation based on ethnicity and has a tendency to segregate and hinder the whole united Nepal frontier that is so much need to help us progress and break the vicious cycle of cultural and religious dogmas that have done a lot of damages already. The politicians fighting for this so called tag need to look at the simple fact that within those areas, it’s not madeshies or pahadiyas or tharus or any other ethnic groups that live there its Nepalese who live there, irrespective of what you look like you are a Nepali.

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Taking aside other different multiple access technologies, there are three FDMA, TDMA and CDMA highly being used and acclaimed.

FDMA – The available frequency range is divided in to frequency slots and each slot is provided to each user or for purposes. 1G was totally based on this technology.

TDMA – Similar to FDMA, but here available time frame is divided in to a limited time slots and in each slot data of different user are transmitted. Europe used this technique to develop GSM, 2G standard mobile.

CDMA – Neither frequency nor time are used, rather code to transmit data of different users within a wideband. North America used the technique to develop IS-95, 2G standard mobile.

It may seem tough to understand these technologies in such above languages. These all techniques are being used by us in our life unknowingly.

FDMA – Whatever one needs something, give him a portion of something. In FDMA case, something is frequency as a channel. This is the simple and easy process that we are using in our daily life since when FDMA term wasn’t in existence.

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Digital Media

Nepalese media has boomed quite much in few years. With the boom of the technology and specially the the use of internet in Nepal, for past few years we have seen many Entertainment website in Nepal. These entertainment websites has also proved as a good platform for uprising stars.

Sangesh, shares his thoughts regarding the internet as the media in this article.

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Mahaboob Alam

Nadir Karim is bowled by Mahaboob Alam

This has to be one of the great moments in the history of Nepali sports. Mahaboob Alam, on of the bowler’s of Nepalese cricket teams took all the 10 wickets in ongoing ICC World Cricket League against Mozambique. The tournament was a road to 2011 ICC cricket world cup.

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There is this nicely written article about our identity and our history in context to Nepal. It talks about our history and the historical places and how we are slowly in the verge of losing it, our history, our culture. It seems like soon we will have nothing to be proud of being a Nepali. We are losing our Identity, the identity of Nepal and being a Nepali, the Culture of our Nepal and the traditions.

Lumbini - Birth place of Lord Buddha
Lumbini, Birth place of lord Buddha

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