Posted on 27/12/2011
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Year 2011 has almost done its full circle for the year and here we stand once again to farewell this year and welcome the another one with our new resolution; So hereby I would like to personally wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

This Christmas I decided to go to Nan Tien Temple at Berkeley, NSW, Australia with my family hoping it would be quiet but on arrival; it was otherwise; it was mayhem when I got there.

All these people from all creeds and color were there. Questions, questions… ringing  in my head. What is the sole purpose of me and these people to be here on this day of the year? Am I and the rest here because we do not celebrate the Christmas in a tradition Christen ways or is it simply because everyone of us had nowhere else to go; hence we all landed in the abode of Buddha for refuge.

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