Posted on 22/12/2008
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Bandh and Political party have been synonymous or else it wouldn’t appear so often as the days in a week that rolls on every day of the month. The so called Student Union or the young generation faction of any party just doesn’t seem to understand or whatever the reason might be but it all seems blind man leading. As the name suggests it is a student union so must belong to some institution and hopefully they will be taught and in the mean time they do learn something that should make them wary of the things that’s happening around them or are they just the bunch stupid nerd admitted in the universities just to create the chaos in the country with there protest, band, hooliganism, and merely following the orders of the party leader like the army without any consideration.

Being the student and young they are supposed to be the energy to build something, do something but all we see is just the opposite. Regardless of what qualifications you have everyone is doing the same: beating the weak, breaking someone’s property in the name of protest. But how will this change a thing. Does this affect the government or the person you are protesting for or against? It just harms and hurts the next person who is another Nepali like you, a brother in a wider sense. He might have his own problems and situation that he is fighting for just to meet the ends. But who cares. The party says or the leader of the student union is unhappy about something; now guess what; band, without any prior notice what do you expect someone to do at that moment, they can’t just simply disappear on your mood for Bandh and then be visible back aging when the situation changes.
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