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Help save Indrajatra, The fact behind the fury

Goddess Kumari - Indrajatra

Indrajatra, one of the major Jatra (festivals) celebrated in the Kathmandu valley is a major occasion for any Newar residing in the valley. All of us belonging to different religions have festivals of our own and celebrate and rejoice them. Any festival celebrated in the country is seen with equal respect. Even the government has announced public holidays for many of the festivals celebrated by people from different clans.

The significance of Indrajatra need not be described to any one, be them be residing inside the valley or not. It is one of the major festivals celebrated in the valley for several days; with chariots of Ganesh, Kumari and Bhairav being taken around many city areas. There had always been a system in which a small amount of budget had been allotted for the occasion.

We like to address our country as one with many diverse and rich in our culture and traditions. Our country has so much rich culture, among which Newari culture and tradition is also an important one. Delegates from Nepal often introduce our country using the names of such traditional aspects such as Living Goddess- Kumari, Lakhe, different temples, etc. This is a good thing that our cultures are not only alive; it is also reviving our country’s existence in the world scenario.

Now going to the decision of our Finance Minister, it is contrary to the much significance which is given to our culture. We want to bring up our country in world scenario with the help of our culture… agreed. We want to keep our culture going and alive… agreed. So, how does the decision of cutting down of the budget for such festival help justify? Budget is just a small aspect of what keeps the festival going. The Newars have many festivals which are still going without any budget from government. And this festival can and will go on at any cost, with or without the support from the government. But this abrupt cut off shows the negligence of the policy makers towards the norms and values of the general public. This issue is an immediate concern for the Newars, but it is not just limited to Newars, if we give it a thought. Today it was Indrajatra. In the days to come, it can be Dashain or Lhosar or Idd.

It is a belief of the Newari culture that the festival should always go on the normal schedule with the dates to be fixed by our Guruju’s. Disturbance of any kind would mean a bad omen as per our belief. With all the confusion created beforehand and to add up on that, some smart leaders of our country, gave it a thought and decided that taking away the Lingo (Pillar) of Indrajatra, making it into pieces would suppress all the dispute. Let all such smart leaders be clear that this Lingo is meant to be taken safely to Bagmati and float it in it, and that way the festival is supposed to end. But many factors have not favored for the festival to be conducted and ended as per rituals.

We Nepalese have always been a unity amongst diversity (Anekata ma Ekata); so this is a moment to join hands. Every Nepalese who wants to keep our culture alive should put effort in his/her own personal level to stop anything which will devour our traditional norms. Let us all be proud of our culture and save it.

Administrator’s note: This article was submitted to us from one of our regular viewer Dr. Shrijana Manandhar.

10 thoughts on “Help save Indrajatra, The fact behind the fury

  1. Its so nice to think about saving our culture. we have rights to talk abt it and fight for saving it. But we shall not choose the destructive way to do so.. any way no body can obstruct to continue our cultures…. we don’t have to panic.
    Happy dashain to All
    Please Try Say No to cruel worshiping Animals (Pashu Bali)

  2. The Maoist are in the government with the motto ” Naya Nepal”, but I wonder if Naya Nepal means to suppress old cultures and traditions. Our cultures and traditions give us our own unique identity. Its been there since ages introducing Nepalese and Nepal to rest of the world. It seems that government is not doing what it is speaking of. Our Country is secular state and every traditions and cultures should be preserved from the top level to bottom. Its simply what we are. So lets all unite against all the attacks upon our cultures and traditions. cheers

  3. i would also like to point out that our culture and tradition has moved with time albeit slowly. there used to be human sacrifice to appease the gods and goddess. now it is no more practiced. we should do same thing with animal sacrifice.

    vehicles doesn’t get safe and in condition by sacrificing animal. it becomes by driving carefully and maintenance.

  4. When you are asked which country you are from in a foreign country, and you say Nepal,they don’t know where it is, and then you say ya its right between India and China and then they go ohh… someone said nepalese stand out in the world cause of there tradition and culture, naah we don’t. we are at the same place we were 10 years ago every one else has moved ahead India has the second fastest growing economy, China the fastest growing, we will always be the country that is between these countries. Why???? Culture, Tradition, Mt. Everest, birthplace of Buddha, what else,, it looks like thats it, are these the only things i am gonna leave my children with, as my father did,thats the pahichan of a nepali for one more generation.

  5. In my knowledge no culture is small or big. I have always given due importance to every festival. M sure this might be interesting to attend the festival..

  6. Hi Raj, I would like to tell you don’t be disheartened. People are true, Nepal stands out in things like tradition and culture and you people are lucky that you have your own country and especially people are united and loving.Look at us,I am a Nepali and in India where people fail to understand us, call us kanchi and embarrasses us. They point you out in the middle of the road and abuses us. Be happy and be lucky that you have a beautiful country and people who understands you. Now the basic point, its upto every citizen to work for your country so like you said will be the fastest developing country. You people got everything, tradition, culture, love, Kanchenjunga, birth place of Buddha. What else do you ask for??

    @ Administrator..You hv a nice blog and very informative..keep it up:)

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