Posted on 26/09/2008
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Goddess Kumari - Indrajatra

Indrajatra, one of the major Jatra (festivals) celebrated in the Kathmandu valley is a major occasion for any Newar residing in the valley. All of us belonging to different religions have festivals of our own and celebrate and rejoice them. Any festival celebrated in the country is seen with equal respect. Even the government has announced public holidays for many of the festivals celebrated by people from different clans.

The significance of Indrajatra need not be described to any one, be them be residing inside the valley or not. It is one of the major festivals celebrated in the valley for several days; with chariots of Ganesh, Kumari and Bhairav being taken around many city areas. There had always been a system in which a small amount of budget had been allotted for the occasion.

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Posted on 10/09/2008
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What is your definition of Democracy? Many people will definitely have many different opinions. Yes truly, but it does not mean that the people in power start supressing the public in the name of Security. In this scenerio, Sangesh has written an interesting article regarding one part of human lifestyle.

Night life in Thamel[Source]

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Posted on 06/09/2008
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Eye is that portion of body without saying anything it says a lot. It unknowingly demonstrates the feelings of someone hiding in one’s heart. While doing sex, everyone has the experience of closing of eye. Closed eye means indication of getting emotion through the relation. Hence, the above give a glance that eye is a scenario to find out the inner of someone.

His eyes used to be silent and attractive, attractive in the sense of having tendency to make curious about he. He, 20-year-old, became emotionally blinded and got fall in love with 40-year-old woman having her two daughters too. Now-a-days, after this event, I in my imagination only seeing waves and tides of emotions in his silent and peaceful eyes.

What made him to take that decision ? He, a student, dependent on family, took such a decision which is totally wrong for a guy like him. To marry at that young age is itself wrong, here he not only did marry but to a woman having her own family and highly aged. In the response of “why” , he just do answer…..”It’s the love my friend , just love”. Read the rest of this entry »