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What! Food shortage in Nepal

Sangesh, one of our writers has been regularly writing for Hamroawaaz.com. In this article he shares the fact of food shortages which is in Nepal. The fact that even the Nepalese people don’t know and how the international media has been covering this fact about Nepal. The report by Charles Haviland from BBC did not write this on assumption.

Hey guys, I think we can at least contribute something to overcome such problem. What you guys think. Please comment why people in remote area of Nepal are still facing such situation and living like in hell.

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2 thoughts on “What! Food shortage in Nepal

  1. it is strange that the nepali news is not giving this kind of news? why is this being hiden from the public? and we have to depend on outside media for our country news?

  2. I think Nepali news focus too much on political dramas and sensational news. There are rarely any news with in depth analysis. This may be due to audience themselves. There are not enough people who enjoy reading serious issues.

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