Posted on 21/06/2008
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Taking aside other different multiple access technologies, there are three FDMA, TDMA and CDMA highly being used and acclaimed.

FDMA – The available frequency range is divided in to frequency slots and each slot is provided to each user or for purposes. 1G was totally based on this technology.

TDMA – Similar to FDMA, but here available time frame is divided in to a limited time slots and in each slot data of different user are transmitted. Europe used this technique to develop GSM, 2G standard mobile.

CDMA – Neither frequency nor time are used, rather code to transmit data of different users within a wideband. North America used the technique to develop IS-95, 2G standard mobile.

It may seem tough to understand these technologies in such above languages. These all techniques are being used by us in our life unknowingly.

FDMA – Whatever one needs something, give him a portion of something. In FDMA case, something is frequency as a channel. This is the simple and easy process that we are using in our daily life since when FDMA term wasn’t in existence.

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Posted on 01/06/2008
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Digital Media

Nepalese media has boomed quite much in few years. With the boom of the technology and specially the the use of internet in Nepal, for past few years we have seen many Entertainment website in Nepal. These entertainment websites has also proved as a good platform for uprising stars.

Sangesh, shares his thoughts regarding the internet as the media in this article.