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Bio Fuel Production a crime against Humanity

Bio Fuel Production A crime against Humanity.

Cost of food is now buzz word these days and news channels are flooded with news covering reason behind sudden rise in the cost of Rice and Wheat. A World Bank survey reveals that total reserve of Rice has gone down alarmingly and it is in lowest level for decade. Some of the major reasons behind lower production of Rice and ultimately rising cost of food may be summarized as follows.

  1. Rampant Urbanization with less and less cultivable land.
  2. Global warming has caused unusual pattern of weather.
  3. Switching of Food production to Cash crops like Sugarcane.
  4. Bio fuel production from crops like Maize and Mustard is widely encouraging farmers to shift toward it instead of Rice and wheat.

More serious threat to Production of Rice and wheat is coming from Bio fuel production. In vast part of cultivable land of American Continent is now used for production of Mustard and Maize which is widely used for extraction of Bio Fuel. Countries like America are to be blamed for sudden decline of Rice production which is ultimately leading to skyrocketing of Food prices. Americans are encouraging use of Bio fuel instead of Fossil fuel and they are the largest buyers of Maize and Mustard with offering better prices to farmers. Farmers are understandably persuaded to switch towards production of Maize in place of Rice. Rice and Wheat does not constitute major part in Americans food course. Hence, rising cost of Rice and Wheat will not hit hard on Americans and Europeans so they are least bothered about lower production of Rice and rising prices. In fact Americans are in continuous effort to reduce their dependency on Fossil Fuel and encouraging production of Bio Fuel.

But countries like ours where Rice and Wheat constitute major course of our daily food pattern we can ill effort to switching Rice production for something else. Rising cost of Food is hitting hard to people like us. So government of developing counties must act together and formulate long term strategy to combat rising cost of food. We cannot replace our cultivable land with crops like Sugarcane and Mustard at the cost of Rice and wheat. Government are putting ban on export of Rice and Wheat to control cost of these items but this could be Myopic and ultimately leads to even more higher prices of such items Globally.

Lastly a global strategy is required to curve down the prices and keep the production of Rice and Wheat at level which can suffice demand.

But we are helpless when big countries like America, Australia and most of agro-based European economy are widely encouraging for Bio fuel production.

Bio fuel production at the cost of Rice and Wheat is a crime against humanity and we must not let this to happen. Rich countries should not and must not be allowed to use their money to runway with our right to live. These rich countries are looking for alternative source of energy to reduce their dependency on Fossil fuel and to control pollution. But so called pollution control measure at the cost of poor’s life is not acceptable. Being poor and living in poor country is not the choice but an inherited compulsion.

Hey all the idiots of rich countries, please Please stop the crime against humanity and stop running your vehicles at the cost of poor man’s lives. Human life is much more precious than damn non living machines.

2 thoughts on “Bio Fuel Production a crime against Humanity

  1. Why not Nepal too produce BIO FEUL :P, Any way guys, it is a serious issue, Don’t we need to live our life? why always the poor and the poor nation are effected? I think the governemtn have to put forward some policy to upcome such crisis and have to fight against the nation and the people rights. Time is money and every one wants money, so the farmer are encourage to cultivate such prodcuts where there is money , so they are attracted towards such prodcts which are used for bio feul. Any way hope GOD has some alternative for food too since soon people will stop producing FOOD for MONEY

  2. f#$king americans are trying to buy most of the maize and other crops from asian country. a#s hole americans

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