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Cost of Food: Can World sustain Rice Revolution?


Rising cost of Foods have been something going unnoticed and uncovered news in recent time. In spite rising cost of daily staples is affecting our daily life nobody seems to taking it seriously and sensing something coming out as a consequence. It is expected that more than 60% of world population believed to be middle class people and constant rise in cost of daily food stuffs is hitting hard to this segment of population demography which leading us towards the imminent revolution “Rice Revolution”. Some minor protest has already started in Philippines, Egypt and it is contagious to our part of world.

World Bank study reveals that rice prices in most of developing countries has risen by almost triple fold and stock of rice has gone down lowest in three decades. It again suggests that there is an even higher chance of increasing rice prices. Global warming has had an adverse effect on production of rice due to uncertain changes in weather. Constant rocketing of Petroleum and fertilizer prices are also one of the key factor in rising cost of production of rice which is ultimately reflected in consumer price. Last year heavy flooding in South Asia has badly hit production of rice in Bangladesh, India where almost 1/3 of total rice production takes place.

Japanese government seems to be the first to have analyzed the phenomena and has stared persuading its people to consume less rice in daily consumption and rather encouraging them to switch to wheat. India has put ban on export of rice and Bangladesh is following suit. This rising sate of daily staples like rice, oils and vegetables will give most hardship to people leaving in countries like ours where majority of people are living below poverty line. This sudden surge of cost of food will further downgrade middle class people who are in or just above the threshold of poverty.

This rising cost of food is not only an economic phenomena like inflation which is common in economy and mild inflation is considered to be good for developing country. However, this sudden surge in cost of rice, Oils and other daily staples has caught many economist and Government by surprise.

I wonder for how long people will continue to be patient and wait for government for do something to control this sudden surge of prices of Food items. Although, it is undesirable a large scale “Rice Revolution” is imminent in developing world.

Even though, I am not a political prophet, I dare to warn that no government in world would survive from the whirlpool of “Rice Revolution” and this time a revolution would not be guided by any political ideology and would be orchestrate by vast majority of middle class people.

So, hey all the leaders of world please wake up before it gets too late, isn’t it better to be safe than being said sorry.

3 thoughts on “Cost of Food: Can World sustain Rice Revolution?

  1. we Nepalese love rice a lot , how can we preserve rice?? but still many ppl in Nepal are not able to see rice, and in many places people eat rice like on special occasion. just imagine what will be the situation of Nepal if all Nepalese consume rice? india already stop exporting rice:(

  2. we can see a lot of rally happening all in the world. we can see in international tv chanel that huger is happening mostly in africa. also , there is rise in gasoline cost also which will also again indirectly increase the cost of food again. people have started to fight with eacher other for food.

  3. The price of food has rocketed sky high and it has not gotten any better in our country. Don’t know if this will decrease or not also.

    How can the poorest of the poorest live in such conditions?

    When will the leaders of the developed countries take this seriously?

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