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World’s Largest Minority

 This is author’s own mini search and survey and doesnot belong to any kind of data or report.

images1.jpgWorld’s Largest Minority – gay, lesbian, bisexual are feeling uncomfortable to live their life. Everybody wants to know about them, who are they? what kind of life are they living ? But the unfortune in this knowing is that they just do try to know to them, never let others to know about them.

The soceity now existing is webbed by traditional and conservative mind. The society in future will be built by us, the next generation. If we start to understand and feel them, then it is ovibous their life would be ease in tomorrow. *In the same society, some do draw of his/her nice future and some do struggle just to live his/her present, is it fear ???

Boy with girlish character as well as Girl with tom boy character sometimes are treated as gay and lesbian respectively, which is wrong. It can not be defined in term of character, dress up and appearance etc. If a person’s sexual orientation is toward same organ, then it’s called homosexuality. Feeling with sexuality plays a vital role to define them. But my survey (a kind of analysis and search) found that most people make homosexual relation though they are not. And this happens in the process of knowing sex more and sometimes for secure sex. Male, Female relationship sometimes may cause trouble like unexpected pregnancy, red hand caught etc. So, in some situations homosexual relations are raising to get satisfied in sex like getting through masturbation.

Hostel, prison etc. are some places where bisexuality is going on high rank, may be due to lack of aviliability of opposite sex or due to feeling of safe sex.

In one hand you will get sexual pleasure while in another you don’t have to be bothered about the tense related with opposite sex partner. The persons who are saying above are thoroughly conversing themselves in to the category of bisexuals unknowigly.



People who can/do make relation with both sexes are called bisexuals and my survey says that they are increasing as they feel secure and anxiety free sexual pleasure but what about the sexually transmitted disease ? No one has cared about it. Whether you are in homosexuality, bisexuality or in hetrosexuality, you remains unsafe if precautions have not taken then.

Sex is not a crime, in whatever state it is natural. It’s we people who do crime and blame it to sex. A change in our mind is necessary so that seeing world’s largest minorities as different people shoud be changed or stopped. We all are human being and humanism must be adopted by we all. So, Let’s talk about sex and sexuality in open air. If we, youth, don’t talk then who will talk ?

Regards – ametya



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  1. you have done a good Job Ametya, hope you will try to take some interview of such people and let us know why adn how they turned into homosexual

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