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Tibetan Protest

Though the Himalayan Range of mountains separates Nepal and Tibet, the neighbor of Nepal is China, not Tibet. In recent days, there has been a protest in Nepal, the protests being for making Tibet the neighbor of Nepal – the autonomous region. Yes, Tibetans have been protesting for a long time since they have been imposed a rule by china in 1984 and the Tibet is non a part of China (Tibet was already an independent state until China took it over in 1984 in dishonest manner). And as usual, many Tibetans are staying mainly in Nepal and India as refugee.

It is a time for sports in China – Olympic but Tibet has not been lightened by the Olympic fire, but the fire of violence. Protesters have been able to gain attention of outer world and now protests have scaled to the top.

There has been a series of news in Media about the series of protests in Nepal by Tibetans Refugees & use of excessive force by Nepalese Government. Friday 28th March 2008, some refugee student tried to enter the UN premises illegally (about 18 protesting Tibetans exiles have scaled the walls of the UN Compound in Pulchowk, Lalitpur) when the Nepalese authority stopped them from entering through the main gate. And scenes of running and chasing were seen in the street. These types of incident (Protest of Tibetans & Use of force by Nepal Police) are happening everyday. Government is using excessive force over the peaceful protest of Tibetans in Kathmandu. Nepalese authority have been trying to justify their action by mentioning that Nepal wouldn’t tolerate Anti-Chinese feelings in Nepalese land and also stated that the refugee went against the Refugee convention 1951 (?). But, it is not realistic to believe in the authorities’ view, as the whole International community is protesting against the suppression by the Chinese authority.

Dalai Lama, who has been expelled from Tibet by Chinese authority calling him anti-nationalist, has appealed the protesters to take peaceful means and the Chinese officials to be less suppressive. However, this appeal has not been able to achieve the aim – the aim of achieving Tibetan autonomy, Tibetan Peace, Tibetan Freedom and Tibetan Identity.

Tibetan Refugee is protesting everyday in Kathmandu saying “Free Tibet”. Many protesters were arrested as the authorities clamped down on peaceful demonstration against Chinese human rights abuses in Tibet. Yesterday, (Saturday) Police broke up a protest by Tibetan exiles and monks in front of the Chinese Embassy Visa Office in Kathmandu, arresting nearly 80 demonstrators. The protesters, shouting slogans such as “Stop killing in Tibet”, were quickly rounded up by police & driven away vans and trucks. Nepal Police and Armed Police charged the crowds with lathis (heavy sticks) and used tear gas as well as hitting, kicking and dragging to disperse protesters and to make arrests. Several protesters have been injured as a result, including head injuries from beatings with lathis. And fact that – any citizen could differentiate that it is totally against International law of human rights & Geneva Refugee Convention (1951).

And what we stand for ? Our immediate Chinese culture (as for now) is the culture of Tibetans and what we do is arrest Tibetan refugees and put them in the dark shadow of bars. Nepal is itself undergoing a huge political turnaround. What is the present policy of Nepal ? – It is “One China Policy” but who is the policy makers ?

The current government officials, the current security officials and the current seven political parties do not have our direct mandate and obviously not for such an arbitrary policy of not – withstanding the people of a country but to withstand the policy of officers of that country. The people of Nepal have their wish for Tibetan people’s rights to live freely, to think and to speak freely. Besides analyzing the political manifesto of parties towards making a New Nepal, we should analyze their foreign policy and make them our decision makers, if they share feelings of peace & freedom of Tibetans; otherwise they do not owe the rights and moral to decide.

Overall, the government of Nepal should cease arbitrary arrests and detentions, harassment, and the use of excessive force to silence the Tibetan protesters.

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