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Request to Bloggers and Readers

Dear Friends

I would like to request you people to post some article on this blog. If some one is intrested to post their blog or article then they are welcomed. Please mail us your detail at info@hamroawaaz.com

I am looking some creative write from Avishek Pokharel, Ashish Regmi, Siddhant Thakuri and few more friends. I would like to thank Ashish Bir Thapa for starting his first blog with a poem. I want to see more from him as well.

I hope this blog will get continuation and we will have our unheard voices over here so that people will know what we want, we think, we want to do or what we have to say.

Hey guys just give some energy to your self and start writing. We need to put on the youth voice heard by every one and let’s help in building our country.

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