Awaaz, listen to the Voices


Hamro Awaaz stands on the core belief that the general public i.e. us, all of us have an obligation to each other to stand for what is right irrespective of who we are. Our voices will be heard if we unite breaking the old bonds of caste, class, creed and political belief. We believe that injustice to one is injustice to all, we need to stand for people with no voices, and it’s about time we take our power back. We believe the people hold the power not the politicians, they just represent us.

We strongly believe in change and change happens through unity for the right cause. We all want Peace and Prosperity in our nation, an environment without fear, an environment filled with equality in every front, an environment that provides opportunity for growth, an environment where we can make ourselves be heard and express our thoughts freely.

Hamro Awaaz is a start, any issues that affect us and you want to shed light on that issue, we welcome you to express you views freely. Please feel free to submit your article to us.


Hamro Awaaz Family

3 thoughts on “HAMRO AWAAZ !!

  1. Isn’t hamroAWAAZ should be hamroAAWAZ ??
    Due to wrong(may be) spelling we, reader do fall down to “this page can not be found” containing page while trying to type “hamroaawaz”. which is giving torchur to reader. Which one is correct
    AAWAZ or AWAAZ ?????

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