Posted on 30/03/2008
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Though the Himalayan Range of mountains separates Nepal and Tibet, the neighbor of Nepal is China, not Tibet. In recent days, there has been a protest in Nepal, the protests being for making Tibet the neighbor of Nepal – the autonomous region. Yes, Tibetans have been protesting for a long time since they have been imposed a rule by china in 1984 and the Tibet is non a part of China (Tibet was already an independent state until China took it over in 1984 in dishonest manner). And as usual, many Tibetans are staying mainly in Nepal and India as refugee.

It is a time for sports in China – Olympic but Tibet has not been lightened by the Olympic fire, but the fire of violence. Protesters have been able to gain attention of outer world and now protests have scaled to the top.

There has been a series of news in Media about the series of protests in Nepal by Tibetans Refugees & use of excessive force by Nepalese Government. Friday 28th March 2008, some refugee student tried to enter the UN premises illegally (about 18 protesting Tibetans exiles have scaled the walls of the UN Compound in Pulchowk, Lalitpur) when the Nepalese authority stopped them from entering through the main gate. And scenes of running and chasing were seen in the street. These types of incident (Protest of Tibetans & Use of force by Nepal Police) are happening everyday. Government is using excessive force over the peaceful protest of Tibetans in Kathmandu. Nepalese authority have been trying to justify their action by mentioning that Nepal wouldn’t tolerate Anti-Chinese feelings in Nepalese land and also stated that the refugee went against the Refugee convention 1951 (?). But, it is not realistic to believe in the authorities’ view, as the whole International community is protesting against the suppression by the Chinese authority. Read the rest of this entry »

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 This is author’s own mini search and survey and doesnot belong to any kind of data or report.

images1.jpgWorld’s Largest Minority – gay, lesbian, bisexual are feeling uncomfortable to live their life. Everybody wants to know about them, who are they? what kind of life are they living ? But the unfortune in this knowing is that they just do try to know to them, never let others to know about them.

The soceity now existing is webbed by traditional and conservative mind. The society in future will be built by us, the next generation. If we start to understand and feel them, then it is ovibous their life would be ease in tomorrow. *In the same society, some do draw of his/her nice future and some do struggle just to live his/her present, is it fear ???

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CA Election in Nepal is scheduled to be held on 10 April 2008. The Election fever along with the weather of the country is getting hot day by day. Leaders/politicians of different political parties are knocking our doors for the vote. So finally we can see the environment of Election in our country. But I’m really depressed by the nomination of Candidates from the political parties & seeing there election campaign.

One should not compare this election with the parliamentary election that we have had in the past. This is a CA election where we are choosing the persons who will draft the new constitution – a new foundation of our Country. The political parties should have nominated intellectuals, peoples having clear image & the law professionals but we can see same old dirty candidates stamped by Commission of Investigating Abuse of Authority. Hence they failed on this

They are showing fingers to each other in fact fighting with each other rather than educate the people about CA election & there letter of declaration regarding election & regarding why people should vote them. Hence they are failing in the opportunity to win people’s vote.

Let’s join our hands to make this election successful & choose the right person who will write the constitution which will be productive to Nepal, all the Nepalese people & our future generations. As we all know that we can’t clap with one hand but if several hands come together for clapping then that sound, that tune of clapping would be really really melodious.

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We are united here to speak out the truth. We all know that,our country is in great problem i.e. we are in problem or can be said that we are in trouble. And every individual is crying for peace and prosperity here. But it is not working may be because of people who are in power are not listening each individual’s voice. So we are united to speak out the voice over here thinking that they must listen our voice because unity has strength. Awaaz stands for voice and hamro stands for our, overall it’s our voice. Yes, it’s our voice and we will be speaking here for the peace and prosperity of the country also we will be speaking here on social issues and hot issues.

Our country is in the initial phase of restructuring country through CA election. The election to the constituent assembly is set to draft a new constitution for the country. And this is a historical event from where we can build peace and prosperous Nepal. Hope that there will be no any disturbances and no more problem.

It is time to make our civil position clear and to think about our country rather than quarreling and blaming each-other. We have to united against those who are trying to fragment our country and who are trying to do the trading of dead bodies (las ko byapar). So, it’s a time to choose better person who thinks about our country rather than their family. It’s time to choose those people who really loves our country (not dramatic love). If we will able to choose right person,then it’s guarantee that there will not be any-kind of problem in future and our head held high once again. But for this, firstly we have to unite.

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Hamro Awaaz stands on the core belief that the general public i.e. us, all of us have an obligation to each other to stand for what is right irrespective of who we are. Our voices will be heard if we unite breaking the old bonds of caste, class, creed and political belief. We believe that injustice to one is injustice to all, we need to stand for people with no voices, and it’s about time we take our power back. We believe the people hold the power not the politicians, they just represent us.

We strongly believe in change and change happens through unity for the right cause. We all want Peace and Prosperity in our nation, an environment without fear, an environment filled with equality in every front, an environment that provides opportunity for growth, an environment where we can make ourselves be heard and express our thoughts freely.

Hamro Awaaz is a start, any issues that affect us and you want to shed light on that issue, we welcome you to express you views freely. Please feel free to submit your article to us.


Hamro Awaaz Family

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Dear Friends

I would like to request you people to post some article on this blog. If some one is intrested to post their blog or article then they are welcomed. Please mail us your detail at

I am looking some creative write from Avishek Pokharel, Ashish Regmi, Siddhant Thakuri and few more friends. I would like to thank Ashish Bir Thapa for starting his first blog with a poem. I want to see more from him as well.

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We would like to share an article written at his blog.

I was going through BBC news and found this topic “Nepal action on Tibet ‘excessive‘” and it is true if you see some videos where you can see protesters with blood, Nepalese police using excessive force against the protesters. In this same news there is the following line,

“How can a government that came to power on a wave of public protests against an authoritarian regime, justify crushing peaceful protests by Tibetans?”

To read the whole article please go here.

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Petrol ko hosh ya mattitel ko
chicken ko hosh ya bhattitel ko
yehi ho saathi hamro andolansthan
garum yeshma bhayanak sabda ko bisfotan
saathi bhai ko saath chahiyo,safal parna
dunga muda garna hosh yar bomb falna
palana garum andolan ko dharma
yehi po ho hamroawaaaz ko mul marma
jai nepal ..aaooo saathi ho ……